What is summer swimming?
Summer swimming is a competitive swim league where the swimming season occurs in the summer months through Swim Nova Scotia’s (SNS’s) summer swimming program.  It offers a chance to participate in the sport of swimming through a shorter season than that of the winter swimming program resulting in a much smaller commitment. It offers both experienced and newer swimmers a chance to learn and grow the sport of swimming. 

What happens in the summer swim season?
The summer swim season consists of small set of swim meets which adhere to Nova Scotia swim meet templates. The swim meets are held on the weekends. During the week days swimmers practice at their home facilities. The swim season culminates with the Provincials which is usually held in mid-August. 

What is Participation?
New swimmers who enter the sport of swimming start in what is known as Participation. During this time they will strive to demonstrate some basic technical skills and complete certain swimming events within a designated time based on their age. Once they have completed participation they will graduate to their age group and become regular swimmers. The swim meets offer participation swimmers a chance to swim in participation heats in their age group where they strive to graduate by demonstrating the ability to perform the minimum requirements.

What is the difference between Winter and Summer swimming?
Winter swimming takes place for most of the non-summer months and has the highest level of swimming.  The summer swim program takes place only during the summer months and is considered more of a recreation level. However winter swimmers are not permitted to swim in the Summer swim program without sitting out a full complete season first.  Thus summer swimmers are able to compete on a level playing field during the summer swim program. The winter swim program takes place for a significantly longer period of time and involves a much larger commitment to training and meets. Summer swimmers have a much smaller commitment for the short summer but may swim during the off-season (fall/winter) under rules prescribed by Swim Nova Scotia.